Posted by thewiz on September 24, 2019 
The Dutch have nicknamed these "hondekop" (dog's head).
Posted by Brama on September 25, 2019 
Nice, Utrecht CS as it used to look! The one on the right is known as a 'Koploper', some Dutch wordplay as the raised cab looks like a head. And koploper means as much as 'Leader of front runner'. There were two subseries: ICM-0 and ICM-1. Only ICM-1 is still in service, though on borrowed time. The one on the right is indeed a hondekop. Series Mat'54, subseries EID-4 to be exact. The last (subseries EID-2) went out of service in 1996, so I got to ride them in my first year at school. Very comfortable.
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