Posted by getteriv on August 14, 2019 
On the contrary, look at the waterline on the ship, and the wake of the tugs; it appears that the ship is being positioned for loading rather than already being loaded and departing. If in fact it has been loaded then it must be departing for another location to have additional loading accomplished.
Posted by Tom Starr on August 14, 2019 
If it's a Red and White GP20 it has to be Either one of the 2 TACOMA BELT LINE GP22 ECO's or their GP23ECO's. However Thank You for sharing your photo Steve.
Posted by Erick Anderson on August 14, 2019 
Somebody dressed up their basic oval train set with passing tracks and a yard.
Posted by Steve Carter on August 14, 2019 
The Red/White Geep is not one of the current TR ECO units. All them are safe and sound on the TR Property. This is one of the GP20's that were sold several years ago to make way for the ECO units.
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