Posted by Chris Kilroy on July 30, 2019 
Fantastic shot and narrative. Can't wait for more!
Posted by Jonathan S. Spurlock on July 31, 2019 
This is an amazing shot and I'm glad you could grab this photo! Just wondering if, back in the day, L&N's Alco fleet might have been on these rails. These GE's put on quite a show but one can only imagine if 3 or 4 C-420's were working this job!
Posted by Steve Hagy on January 17, 2020 
A very recognizable scene. Both of my parents were born at Coalgood. My mothers mother met my future grandfather when she was working as a cook at a boarding house in Coalgood. My grandfather worked on the L & N and would stay at the house. I guess you could say that I'm here today because of the Mary Helen Coal Co. and the L & N railroad.
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