Posted by Ringo Clark - on July 17, 2019 
Diesel powered weed eater ?
Posted by Jim Penn on July 17, 2019 
Is this a track coming out of the ethanol plant? Why such lack of upkeep?
Posted by boohooblues on July 20, 2019 
The track this shot was taken on is owned by CSX. It's the old "Power Plant Lead" that lead to the Duke Coal Fired power plant in Pelzer, SC at the AKL 40.0 milepost. Since converting to natural gas; CSX has kind of lets this track do it's thing. Still in service... the inbound crew would utilize this lead to keep train in one piece and tie it all down as a whole train until Greenville & Western could accept the it rather than cut crossings, etc. Simply get on and shove off the lead back onto the mainline and pull it onto GRLW trackage. At the time this was taken conductor was on the shove, train shoving back to mainline, once cleared; engineer would drop down and line switch for the mainline pull back towards GRLW.
Posted by Bill Edgar on July 30, 2019 
Awesome shot!
Posted by Rugby Junction on August 30, 2019 
Reminds me of the train chase scene in Leslie Nielsen's movie, "Wrongfully Accused" ;-)
Posted by Rob S on November 3, 2020 
Could be a record for weed height on an active line.
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