Posted by Sid Vaught on June 3, 2019 
Nice compilation.
Posted by Greg Grice on June 3, 2019 
Excellent work!
Posted by Gene Butler on June 3, 2019 
What a lucky catch! Thanks for sharing! I have a grandson who live in Richmond and hope to visit him later this year. I think I will try to look this location up and visit it. Think I will get as lucky as you? LOL
Posted by Mitch Goldman on June 3, 2019 
Awesome. And thanks for the context, as I can better appreciate your skill vs luck. But NS connections or not - what are the odds of three trains in a short span of time - all going the right direction?!? Well done!
Posted by Bob Kise on June 3, 2019 
Well executed, and a great angle.
Posted by getteriv on June 3, 2019 
Masterful composite!
Posted by Marc on June 8, 2019 
Wow, until you read the story I was thinking what's the odds? Well done and what an interesting piece of railroad there. Looks like maybe there was maybe on more set of tracks going off to the left?
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