Posted by Mitch Goldman on June 3, 2019 
37 favorites and not one comment - I guess everyone's speechless? Fantastic shot! Nice job bringing out the detail without going overboard - and, very nice composition!
Posted by Alex Decker on June 4, 2019 
Iím kinda wondering the same thing. Are they just blown away lol. But thanks Mitch, definitely worth getting soaked for.
Posted by Jeff J. Bray on June 4, 2019 
Alex, this is a great photo and represents "East of the Mississippi" in the best way. I wouldn't worry about how many comments there are here. They must busy chasing sleep-level boring BNSF and UP out West. Their loss!
Posted by Dana M. on June 4, 2019 
Alex - great photo! I could have sworn by the thumbnail that this photo was taken in a jungle of Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Peru, or some foreign country, not the state of Virginia in the United States of America. You caught a good one here, I hope that "little boy whose fishing" in the lower left corner caught a good one too! LOL! And I agree with an above comment... 42 "Favorited" and only 3 comments? I guess everyone IS speechless over this one!
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on June 5, 2019 
Striking photo it is. Good eye you have. And digital processing of shadows shows its power. This would be impossible with film.
Posted by Alex Decker on June 5, 2019 
Thank you all!
Posted by Troy Nolen on June 5, 2019 
Nice shot, PCA!
Posted by Ted Grumbine on June 6, 2019 
I was speechless. I could only "favorite" it, and nominate it for a PCA.
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