Posted by Dan I. on May 14, 2019 
Would not a railfan, such as myself, absolutely loved to have sit somewhere on the front of 4014 running down the tracks just to watch and listen to the big machine. That would be a dream come true! But of course, Union Pacific would not let a person do that. A friend of mine who is a trucker, like myself, got to see it in person. He was simply amazed at the sight of it. While watching it along with several hundred people, he heard a person complain about all the smoke belching out of 4014 and 844. My friend told him that the two locomotives are in a sense living history and should enjoy the scene. That guy must not have had any knowledge of what he was seeing. That man probably has made complaints about diesel engines on locomotives and trucks throwing out the smoke too. I wonder why he even went to see it then?
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