Posted by FSWood on May 11, 2019 
I do understand the economy aspect of railbusses like this, but I prefer substantially more hardware between my body and the rest of the world at grade crossings.
Posted by Jim Penn on May 12, 2019 
This is an option that needs much more testing here in the US. A light rail (transit line only) should also be developed. Passenger trains as so darn expensive in the US, which kills most all plans for systems. Even the light rail urban systems we have a incredibly expensive. Low cost light rail/trolly systems are what we need, and this seems a way to start experimenting with a more versatile transit power.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 16, 2019 
I believe something similar - if not the very same railbus was considered - even tested, on SEPTA's former Reading line from Fox Chase (in Philadelphia) to Newtown - which was not electrified requiring people to transfer to an RDC. It did not succeed. Seems a viable and economical option - couldn't be worse than the same bus over the road if used on a branch line, but mixed with other full sized rail equipment might be an issue. Ugly - I'll say that! Does not look like it would've been a smooth ride, either - an issue with the bus derived 50's GM Aerotrain. Nice catch - appreciate the share!
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