Posted by Eugene Armer on May 10, 2019 
Very nice! The light grey grass in the foreground looks like frost... but I doubt it was cold enough for that. And I guess the owner of the car in the background must have been going for the silhouette?
Posted by SES on May 11, 2019 
I'm guessing that is frost on the grass. Cold air has come down into the states lately. It's been unseasonably cold where I am and Minnesota had snow a few days ago.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on May 11, 2019 
This shot is outstanding because of the fantastic light and color. I think most would agree this is one of the best photographs made of this incredible train. Well done Dillon.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 16, 2019 
Fantastic! Razor sharp, an impressive and welcome plume along with the morning glint makes the shot! The glint also does a nice job toning down the otherwise eye-catching yellow tenders. Thanks for sharing!
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