Posted by Troy Staten on May 6, 2019 
Awesome photo, thanks for showing us.
Posted by Daniel Alls on May 6, 2019 
My favorite out of all I've seen so far. Awesome shot!
Posted by James R Doughty on May 6, 2019 
Outstanding photo Chris. Glad to see the crew is letting the Big Boy show off some more.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on May 6, 2019 
Outstanding. A shot I would wish to have taken. Well Done!
Posted by miningcamper on May 6, 2019 
4014 puts on a show! PCA nominated.
Posted by Rick Erben on May 7, 2019 
So many fine images of this historic event from many fine photographers, yet the light at daybreak infuses your image with a special aura that is riveting. One gazes in awe thinking how scenes such as this must have been daily commonplace once upon a time. Nicely done, indeed. That Union Pacific should undertake and execute a phenomenal event such as this is a credit to the resourcefulness of its employees and to its unique standing among America's corporate entities.
Posted by Michael J. Wilson on May 7, 2019 
Everything about this is perfect and like many others you took advantage of the great lighting you had. Congrats!
Posted by Eugene Armer on May 7, 2019 
Stunning, awesome, incredible... and whatever other adjectives come to mind!! If I went home having captured just this one image, I would be a very happy guy!
Posted by Olli on May 9, 2019 
Phantastic! Thanks for showing...
Posted by TC Caughman on May 9, 2019 
Great shot, so great in fact at first I thought UP had put black paint on those ugly-asks auxiliary tenders. LOL
Posted by Steve Crise on May 12, 2019 
Fantastic shot. Looks like a painting!!!
Posted by John Peters on May 13, 2019 
A nice picture, well done.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 16, 2019 
A knockout! Congrats on a well earned POTW -and no doubt, pending PC!
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