Posted by Tom on May 1, 2019 
Eye-catching photo, Steve. Very nice. Is the track silver-colored here of is it reflection ? I know the top is shiny, but the bottom is different than most ??
Posted by SES on May 1, 2019 
Looks like reflection off a wet rail from rain water.
Posted by Andrew on May 2, 2019 
Why so many clips holding the rails in place, or is the problem what is holding the clips?
Posted by James Burlington on May 2, 2019 
Which railroad did CP buy that resulted in it having tracks in Iowa?
Posted by Wendell Parks on May 2, 2019 
The Canadian Pacific Railway bought the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad (along with its subsidiary Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad) over ten years ago. This is why the CPR operates in the Hawkeye State.
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