Posted by Daniel Alls on April 28, 2019 
Man, this is literally sickening to see. Absolutely no reason to go back to this spot now. I'm glad you were able to be there to document this though.
Posted by William on April 29, 2019 
Since signaling is a vital railroad component, 1. Why are these signals being removed? 2. Is there a replacement of some kind planned?
Posted by Mack on April 29, 2019 
This is very sad to see. Do you have any other locations that would have a PRR signal bridge near Altoona other than the "MG" one?
Posted by Timothy E. Pavlic II on April 29, 2019 
Answering questions: @William--they are being removed in preparation for PTC operation. Intermediate signals are removed and replaced by SIP (Signal Interruption Point?) every mile or so. Between control points, trains operate on cab signals only. Control points will retain signals but will all have moder SafeTrans color light Vaders. @Mack--244, 245, AR and UN, 249 (Cresson) , 252, 254 (Lilly), 256/7 (Jamestown Road), and 263. Lots still standing west of Summerhill until you get into Fort Wayne Line territory. Not everything is accessible unless you like risking a fine, though.
Posted by Herb Brown Jr on April 30, 2019 
Sad to see them go.
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