Posted by Jay railfotographia on April 20, 2019 
There was a time when I go for trainspotting deep inside Braganza Ghats every year twice, it will just trains and me. Occasionally a trackman doing track inspection was the only other human presence. Those days ALCos ruled these mountains which was eventually taken over by EMDs. After having spotted and clicked lots of freight trains, I used to request the engineer of one of the freight trains to take me back to Castle Rock from where I go back home. Some will deny and some will allow me to sit in the walkway like the person is standing in the picture for that one and half hours ride . But as time went by this place got crowded and caused operational difficulty for IR and IR denied free access to this place and Dudhsagar became "Paradise lost" to me. Wish to go someday to have a glimpse of my paradise
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