Posted by Ryan Hardin on April 7, 2019 
Are the front windows on Y143 painted over?
Posted by Andrew C Bucci on April 7, 2019 
Correct, these units are not supposed to be occupied when moving.
Posted by JWash1 on April 7, 2019 
All UPY units are slugs with no prime movers. Note the lack of any fuel tanks. In my area they seem to be used only for added tractive force during switching operations.
Posted by miningcamper on April 7, 2019 
Formerly Southern Pacific GE B30-7 No. 7831.
Posted by SES on April 7, 2019 
Most if not all of these slugs have equipment in them So any unit coupled to them can be remote controlled. They were apparently difficult to operate using remote as every function required the operation of 2 controls for safety feature. If the operator released one of the controls while making a move, the set would shut down. UP had two sets out in East Tulsa for awhile but before long, the two remote master slugs were separated and parked in the yard by themselves. Although slugs provide great lugging power, I recall the GP15 that accompanied one of the slugs in Tulsa struggled to move heavy cuts of sand hoppers for the auto glass plant.
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