Posted by Pierre on April 2, 2019 
Too bad it's april first !
Posted by Chris Crook on April 2, 2019 
That is magnificent.
Posted by catfish63755 on April 2, 2019 
Just a little redneck solution.
Posted by Dana M. on April 3, 2019 
Just one word...WOW! I'm stunned! Although, I'm not surprised the air compressor on the locomotive would be a little "out of breath" and not be able to pump the air up - look at the condition of this once proud locomotive! It appears that the service/repair work on this unit has been a little "sub-par"! I wonder what they hit to cause that much and severe damage to the front pilot plow?! That is an FRA infraction right there, as they are supposed to have a pilot/plow big enough to ride just above the railhead to be able to knock off any objects that might pose a derailment threat, like rocks or tree limbs. Yikes!
Posted by Erick Anderson on April 3, 2019 
Needs more duct tape.
Posted by SES on April 3, 2019 
I can only hope that the loco air compressor still works and they are using this to charge system brakes faster when moving long cuts of cars. I've ridden on a logging road way back almost 30 years ago. It took 2 fairly new GP38-2's several minutes to charge the system on 42 cars w/caboose.
Posted by Jim Penn on April 3, 2019 
What is the unit behind the GP8? Looks like a very early SD. What shape is she in?
Posted by Sambro333 on April 3, 2019 
Jim, the unit behind is an Ex-INRD, Exx-C&O SD18 riding on Alco trucks. I will upload a picture of that in a few months when the sun moves over to a more favorable angle.
Posted by Jim Penn on April 3, 2019 
Sambro, Thanks for the reply and offer! I saw right after my premature question that there are already posted pictures of this SD18. What a beauty and rarity she is, Alco RSD5 trucks and all, and still working today! A very classy and unique beast; you are lucky to be able to observe her in action! I will await your photos.
Posted by Scottyy on April 4, 2019 
When used as private intra-plant switchers behind a locked derail preventing access to the outside world, almost anything can be used to move cars, regardless of condition. Obviously, both these locomotive's air compressors had crapped out completely and somebody came up with this plan rather than rebuilding at least one. Personally, I would have put it on a really small flat car but... Whatever works for them!!
Posted by JWash1 on April 4, 2019 
That set up is just wrong in so many ways.
Posted by Tom Starr on April 5, 2019 
I spy a former CR- CONRAIL GP8 EX-GP7 in this photo? Why am I not surprised.
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