Posted by Dana M. on March 15, 2019 
Interesting photo and fascinating information Mike! No wonder the experiment ended with this "shifty" load - that whole center "column" isn't tied down with any tie-downs, and looks like it will fall over/off the car at any minute. Also - this is like securing a flatcar of gravel with tie-downs - and yes, I have seen a photo of that actually occurring, in fact I have a copy of that photo (as a "meme") downloaded on my computer.
Posted by FSWood on March 16, 2019 
Oh, the folks over at a couple large scale model train forums might enjoy this.
Posted by Ryan Hardin on March 16, 2019 
Should have used a box car.
Posted by Sid Vaught on March 16, 2019 
I would suggest a huge wood chip hopper.
Posted by rob216 on March 16, 2019 
Using a telephone pole flat car with the body stakes would have been the answer.
Posted by Bill Edgar on March 16, 2019 
Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s BN handled a lot of hay from Ellensburg, WA to Florida. It worked for them because they could utilize older 86 ft. hi-cube auto parts cars. It also helped keep the hay from being exposed to the weather. I doubt that tis would be very economical to use smaller box cars. Most long distance hay from central WA seems to be loaded in containers these days, with much of it exported. Not sure if any goes to Florida that way.
Posted by Murry Peterson on March 16, 2019 
Stack em like bricks!!
Posted by Erick Anderson on March 19, 2019 
Hay now, hay now, don't dream it's over.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on March 20, 2019 
Nice contribution Mike. I wonder if the 'rolled-up hay' would fare better? Lay them flat and stack them. They would probably obey tie-downs too. Just a thought
Posted by Steve Larson on March 21, 2019 
I've heard that hay can grow at different rates, depending on which state you're in.
Posted by Sid Vaught on March 22, 2019 
They need to try the bulk shipment of hay some more. In the Valley they grow some of the finest alfalfa in the world and itís shipped all over, selling at a premium price. Keep working guys. You need the revenue.
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