Posted by Ringo Clark - on February 27, 2019 
Nice that she survived, and inside out of the elements, unlike so many that sit outside exposed to weather and potential vandals, I'm sure she's quite happy indoors
Posted by Preacher on February 27, 2019 
I grew up in southeast Michigan, and I spent my junior and senior high school summers working at HFM. Most of the time I worked out in the Greenfield Village and ran the old tintype photography studio. Whenever I had the chance to work in the museum, I walked out of my way to see this exhibit every chance I could, and I was always awed at the size of the drivers. This has to be one of the most impressive feats of railroad engineering ever in my opinion. Thanks for posting. This sure brings back great memories.
Posted by Jeff Sell on February 28, 2019 
When I visited the HFM in the past, I heard that the 1601 ran on her own power to get to the museum.
Posted by Preacher on March 3, 2019 
She did not run in under her own power. That was misinformation. There is actually a video on You Tube and you can google information. There's articles on Trains Magazine and other sources that give the history of it.
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