Posted by Dana M. on January 27, 2019 
Kevin - interesting photo! I'm sure I'm not the only one going to comment and ask...BUT...What is that "thing" to the left?! I'm guessing it's some sort of maintenance apparatus for the tunnel when work has to be done or needs to be done inside the tunnel bore?! Like tunnel scaffolding for workers to be able to reach the tunnel roof?! Again, I'm only guessing. Interesting piece of "artwork" there!
Posted by Rich Brown on January 28, 2019 
What's even neater is that the "structure" appears to be on wheels so that it can just be rolled into the tunnel. Reminds me of the "safety forms" ( don't know the proper term) that are used for confined-space excavations.
Posted by Peter Cusden on January 28, 2019 
I believe it's for tunnel maintenance. I think it allows the workers to be safely protected from debris etc when inside the tunnel.
Posted by miningcamper on January 28, 2019 
I'm sure I have seen a photo of a similar one, but I don't remember where. Could the proper name be "tunneling shield" or "tunnel shield? There are several articles online.
Posted by t white on January 29, 2019 
Interesting how the end of the spur's rails show up without a bumper or other safety devices. Also, does the presence of the shield suggest instability of the tunnel? Must be interesting to be the engineer on this run.
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