Posted by Robert Jordan on January 21, 2019 
Great location, neat the way the hard pack particles explodes in front of the snow mist.
Posted by Frank Jolin on January 21, 2019 
That's the kind of winter shot, I like.
Posted by Paul Sykes on January 21, 2019 
Perfectly timed shot! Looks like there's bits of ballast flying as well as snow - maybe they should have run a plow first, rather than a train/locomotive!
Posted by Scott Cunningham on January 22, 2019 
Absolutely outstanding. Best winter shot I have seen this year! PCA from me.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on January 23, 2019 
Good thing it has a plow on the front... ;)
Posted by Dave Beach on January 23, 2019 
Seriously impressive Smeds.
Posted by Jim Sinclair on January 24, 2019 
You NAILED this one perfectly, Steve! Congratulations on your well-deserved Screener's Choice, and you get a PCA vote from me.
Posted by Sean Mathews on January 29, 2019 
Was this a 300mm lens? It's so crisp and clear as well. Tack sharp.
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