Posted by xBNSFer on January 12, 2019 
One of my happiest days as a railfan was the day the "SPSF" merger was called off and Santa Fe locomotives immediately started being repainted into the blue and yellow Warbonnet paint scheme. That was without a doubt the wrong merger at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.
Posted by Dana M. on January 12, 2019 
Nice capture of this "unique" unit Mr. Doughty - this was the only "Kodachrome" unit to wear the White lettering, as it was the first unit to be painted in this scheme. SPSF had originally planned to don all their units this way, once the merger was complete, but other voices went with the Yellow lettering instead. Thus all the rest of the units painted in "Kodachrome" came out with the Yellow lettering. This was a very "rare" unit indeed! And you captured it nicely! Now - this photo is a "high priority" collector's item" for the rarity of the unit, but yet all the photos of the failed "Kodachrome" SPSF merger locomotives are now "collector's items"! If train photos were like Baseball Cards - This would be a "Babe Ruth Rookie" card! :-)
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