Posted by Steve Larson on January 12, 2019 
Most EXCELLENT, Steve.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on January 12, 2019 
I'm a Seattle resident and this is a great shot from a vantage point only seen from a float plane or drone. To the right a bit where the train veers into the trees lie the diesel service facility, shops, and BNSF Interbay - Balmer yard
Posted by Rob on February 11, 2019 
Hey Steve, Awesome photo as usual, however I must nitpick, those buildings in the background are Bellevue, not Seattle.
Posted by Steve Carter on February 11, 2019 
My goal and was to include the building of Seattle, which are off to the right in the background, closer than those of Bellevue. The Bellevue building were next to invisible on my drone monitor, never even noticed them.
Posted by Rob on February 12, 2019 
Ha! The first look all I saw were the Bellevue buildings, I didn't even see the Seattle buildings the first time. I guess I'm going blind as well as senile. LOL I do enjoy your work, I've really been liking the Tacoma stuff, I live in Federal Way, and my buddy lives in Browns Point and we make at least one trip a week down to the port to follow the rail action. I need to start bringing my done along more often. Keep up the good work, and maybe well run into one another down in Tacoma one of thee days.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on April 21, 2019 
Wild vantage point, Steve. Had to check - appears to be former Great Northern built by the Fort Pitt Bridge Works of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, between 1913 and 1914. Sad to see it go!
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