Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on January 3, 2019 
For your first picture on Railpictures, this is truly a master shot. Congratulations and please post more of your art.
Posted by Kevin Madore on January 3, 2019 
This is a very pretty shot. So much to look at here. If I were screening, I would have hit the SC button on this one. Very nice!
Posted by Jim Sinclair on January 4, 2019 
Wow, such a beautiful photo! It's so big on my monitor that I feel like I'm standing right there next to you! Well done and PCA vote from me.
Posted by Timothy E. Pavlic II on January 5, 2019 
Agreed with the PCA vote--this jumps off the screen. I was hoping this would show up here after I saw it elsewhere earlier that day. Please do continue to share more here, as Japan (particularly rural Japan, and anything but shinkansen) is highly under-represented here.
Posted by Eugene Armer on January 5, 2019 
Beautiful!! Welcome to RP.
Posted by Jim Thias on January 14, 2019 
Oh to be a few inches taller. ;-) Beautiful shot!
Posted by Sid Vaught on January 16, 2019 
Outstanding shot, and from one of my favorites countries.
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