Posted by Robert Jordan on December 13, 2018 
"Best railfan Day" was in 1965 I took train to Milwaukee where my brother lived. we went to Duplainville to watch flood detours. Saw SOO, Hi's, NC Limited, 58 etc. Got invited up to tower but kept going back down one after another.
Posted by Tom Farence on December 14, 2018 
YES Robert.....Duplainville WAS the greatest place back in the 60's....what with about 10 scheduled freight trains on the SOO and the Laker and at least 20 trains on the Milwaukee plus all the Fast Mails and Hiawathas and the Pioneer Ltd.......the Milwaukee Road Operator's like Don Herring and Don Coleman who were very congenial......My best friend Bruce Feld and I hung out there and at North Milwaukee Tower. I remember meeting David P. Morgan,Jim Scribbons, Bob Bullerman,J.David Ingles and most of the Kalmbach staff that would come out there from downtown Milwaukee before they moved to Waukesha....Duplainville may have been one of the reasons THEY moved to Waukesha. I remember Steamer Thomas running the Fast Mail #57 by the tower at could hear that whistle all the way to Hartland.....I remember running a freight train west to Portage after the tower had closed one weekend and during the night the Milwaukee Road had a bulldozer demolish the tower under the cover of darkness so as not to attract any attention but the next day when we came east it was a sad day indeed to see the pile of rubble that was once one of the GREATEST Railroading and Railfanning place's EVER!!
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