Posted by Steve Black on December 6, 2018 
I was wondering how they were going to do it, thanks for posting. By the way, that is a soldier not a Marine. Marines have red stripes on their trousers and soldiers have what you see there.
Posted by FSWood on December 6, 2018 
For various health reasons I don't watch television, don't have a TV set, and of course no TV service, but thanks to Yahoo News, and a few networks and newspapers who have YouTube channels I was able to watch their video coverage of the train's trip, and without any yak yak yak from talking heads! One of them was a news provider I hadn't even heard of until someone in chat on a Virtual Railfan YT channel mentioned them. If you were to slice that 70 mile route in to 1/4 mile blocks there would be very few which were absent of someone by the tracks watching the train.
Posted by Kevin Madore on December 6, 2018 
I'll just comment that the young men and women of our military have just done a fabulous job handling the services these past few days. Whether it be the honor guard, color guard, military band, pallbearers, aircrews, or the officers who handled liason with the Bush Family, they all made us damn proud to be Americans. :)
Posted by Sport! on December 7, 2018 
Godspeed Mr. President.
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