Posted by John Westfield on November 30, 2018 
It makes me sick to see old Geeps cut to pieces. What a sad sight. Thanks for showing us Harry.
Posted by getteriv on November 30, 2018 
So sad, but, thanks for posting!
Posted by Tom Starr on December 1, 2018 
How true it is about saving a piece of history.. in this case doing a complete rebuild of old EMD GP7's , GP9's etc. in the end in with the new out with the old . Harry Gaydosz Thank You for sharing your photo with us it is greatly appreciated!
Posted by Tom on December 1, 2018 
I've always enjoyed wandering around and through car salvage yards. Man, oh man, I would go in here and not come out for hours !!
Posted by bradley on December 1, 2018 
I agree with everyone that it's sad to see old engines being cut up. However, as one who works with equipment, I can tell you from experience that sometimes the old stuff just isn't worth the struggle to keep it going.
Posted by Jim Penn on December 1, 2018 
Harry, Great photo! This is sad to see, but remember that Larry's sells parts from these locos to keep other old models running on railroads and in industry all over the country, and they lease locos they receive and repair as well. If railfans could run railroads, we'd be able to put together running units made out of components from 3 or 4 of the models seen here, thanks to Larry's. Now, if I win the next lotto....
Posted by mmi16 on December 2, 2018 
Larry has some sizable land holdings.
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