Posted by Michael Derrick on November 26, 2018 
No need for them in North Carolina, at least on any Iowa Pacific property. The company left the contract to operate the Piedmont & Northern there about a year ago. That's where these two units came from, after not turning a wheel there after a shipping delay made them miss the Santa trains on the P&N (compounded by operational issues with the units-- just not enough time to get them ready). To the best of my knowledge, these units are leased from the United Railroad Historical Society in Boonton, NJ. That would be the most logical return point, as Iowa Pacific has no use for these units (and I would be amazed if they have paid any lease money to the URHS).
Posted by JT Photography on November 26, 2018 
Thank you Micheal. That would make more sense.
Posted by Jorge on November 26, 2018 
How pink can you get?
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