Posted by Scott Cunningham on November 20, 2018 
Fabulous. Obviously a large scale drone! Good you got the north end of the High Line too!
Posted by Kevin Madore on November 20, 2018 
Lovely image at a lovely time of day. In my view, flying the Hudson River Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) is one of the coolest experiences in General Aviation. As you experience a close-up view of one of the world's great cities, it reminds one that this is one of the few places in the world where you can legally do something like this. Drones however, are not welcome. Most of the NYC area is covered by Class B airspace, which goes all the way to the ground. Even the SFRA should be considered a very strict, no-drone-zone, unless properly coordinated with the FAA Flight Standards District Office. Most drone operators will not be able to meet the requirements to operate in either area.
Posted by Peter G. Chase on November 21, 2018 
Will the exposed rail areas also be covered eventually? Thank you.
Posted by John Westfield on November 26, 2018 
This is one extreme picture. Great shot Marc, especially with the helicopter moving.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 3, 2019 
Right place, right time - right height! Excellent view of the city and the Hudson Yards.
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