Posted by Scott Cunningham on November 16, 2018 
Fabulous photograph and a really sad story Mike. Superb railway scene even without a train!
Posted by Sport! on November 16, 2018 
Very Colorado!!
Posted by Shawn M Peter on November 16, 2018 
Its Rail banked. If something were to ever happen to the Moffat Tunnel line, this is one of the few routes through the Rockies. It would probably take a few weeks to bring it up to speed but it could potentially see a train again... unless the Union Pacific rips up the tracks.
Posted by Jrry on November 16, 2018 
As long as there is track, there can be a train.
Posted by Jorge on November 17, 2018 
The sad history and fine photo is appreciated, indeed!
Posted by Gene on November 18, 2018 
Keep the rail and make it a rail car/speeder retreat.
Posted by Laurenz on November 18, 2018 
Would be a great scenic line...
Posted by C.M.St.P.& P. on November 19, 2018 
Much has been written about the future of this right of way over the years and most of it has been pure speculation. For sure, there has to be a strategic reason the UP is keeping these rails in place. Somewhere, and at sometime, there had to be boardroom discussions about the reasons to mothball this much real estate. Has there ever been a case where this length of mainline has been held in a state of disuse for this long by a Class 1 railroad? As UP continues to hedge their bet on this line, it would appear the rail community will have to remain in a state of flux until the future presents itself. Really appreciate the photos and storyline of this unique line. Thanks Mike.
Posted by cnw4007 on November 21, 2018 
With the advent of PTC, I assume it will take ALOT to run trains over this again. PTC requirements may kill this line unless they get some kind of time waiver if and when they bring it back online. I don't think it will be run a surface crew over the line and it would be good for at least some speed. How much damage is there now? I haven't been out there in years (skier) and know at least near Minturn that boulder trashed some track.
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