Posted by Adam H. on November 15, 2018 
Beautiful unit, thank you KCS for honoring our troops this way, and thank you Chris Schlote for this fine photo!
Posted by Tom Keeping on November 15, 2018 
Cool! It's 1976 all over again! Great shot and thanks for sharing this 'joy to behold,' Chris! Thank you KCS for thinking about us vets.
Posted by Steve Larson on November 15, 2018 
A BEAUTIFUL locomotive, indeed. The last section appears to be camouflage but with a twist. Is that an off pink Susan G. Koman breast cancer awareness ribbon? Just curious.
Posted by Sean Mathews on November 15, 2018 
Steve, that is a yellow ribbon, support your troops.
Posted by catfish63755 on November 15, 2018 
Very nice photo of a very classy engine.
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