Posted by Chris Mohs on November 4, 2018 
Mitch, That is truly an amazing photograph. Well done
Posted by Bob Kise on November 4, 2018 
I'll 2nd Chris's comment. Love the crescent moon, too.
Posted by Steve Carter on November 4, 2018 
Well done Mitch!
Posted by Alexander Anichkin on November 5, 2018 
Absolutely amazing shot!
Posted by Steve Larson on November 5, 2018 
Better than phenomenal, Mitch.
Posted by Steve Larson on November 5, 2018 
...amazing and PCA for perfection.
Posted by Marty Bernard on November 5, 2018 
You have set a new standard and it is really high.
Posted by Rich Clark on November 5, 2018 
Wow, what a vivid and striking reflection shot. You found the perfect spot for this shot Mitch, well done and then some!!!
Posted by Mike Danneman on November 6, 2018 
Quite spectacular, Mitch!
Posted by Jim Thias on November 8, 2018 
Wow! And the sun on the timbers is fantastic!
Posted by Eugene Armer on November 8, 2018 
Wow, truly classic! The rest of the comments say it all, I have nothing more to add Mitch!
Posted by Scott Cunningham on November 11, 2018 
Just have to add my congratulations on such a superb photograph. Wonderful reflection too.
Posted by Scott Markloff on November 15, 2018 
Way to go, Mitch. Three PCA's in one week. Awesome job.
Posted by Ed Mullan on November 16, 2018 
Gosh, that water sure cooperated! Not a ripple..right place at the right time with the right guy holding the camera!
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