Posted by Doug Lilly on October 29, 2018 
Great pan shot, Mitch!
Posted by Bob Kise on October 29, 2018 
Great action shot, Mitch.
Posted by John Day on October 30, 2018 
Excellent, Mitch Super sharp at 1/13th! I tried the same shot at 1/25th: the loco was moving too slowly to get much effect. Well done.
Posted by Mike Armstrong on October 30, 2018 
Another famous Mitch Goldman pan shot! Fantastic photo - you timed that one perfectly!
Posted by Ken Kuehne on October 30, 2018 
Nice one, Mitch!
Posted by Kevin Madore on October 30, 2018 
It takes Mitch Goldman to make a locomotive traveling at perhaps 15 mph look like it's doing 40. Nice color and contrast....damn sharp too!
Posted by Steve Carter on October 31, 2018 
Yeah, you still got it! Everyone else was shooting it crossing the water, but not the Pan Master!
Posted by Eugene Armer on November 8, 2018 
I can't take it any more Mitch... camera going up for sale LOL!! Another classic.
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