Posted by Jeff Sell on October 19, 2018 
It amazes me that when these cog wheel locomotives are on flat ground that the water inside the boiler doesn't uncover the firebox crown sheet. It's also interesting that this locomotive has flapper on the smoke stack that can be controlled by the locomotive engineer (possibly a damper control?).
Posted by Georg TrĂ¼b on October 19, 2018 
These and many similar rack-and-pinion steam locomotives of the Brienzer-Rothorn Railway, the Monte Generoso Railway etc. have a backward inclined firebox ceiling. The hood on the chimney serves to direct the smoke backwards in the tunnels during the ascent.
Posted by Jeff Sell on October 20, 2018 
Georg, thanks for the information. This locomotive is certainly interesting. Keep up the good work - I certainly enjoy the various locomotives you feature in your photos.
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