Posted by David Stewart on October 12, 2018 
Great shot! Very strange though this F7, maybe on old F3?^ has F9 style intakes and the old fans, quite a mix of parts on this lead motor.
Posted by Matt Wiles on October 12, 2018 
Without looking into it, that could be a late production F3. A few late F3's got the stainless steel far grills right before an F7's were produced.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on October 12, 2018 
Regardless - it's a beautiful train! Thanks for posting Roger.
Posted by Troy Staten on October 12, 2018 
Thanks so much for showing us this photo, love the old ATSF shots.
Posted by mmi16 on October 12, 2018 
On ATSF I believe 17 & 18 were The Super Chief. 19 & 20 were The Chief. The Chief normally carried a number of head end baggage and mail cars.
Posted by Al Wood on October 12, 2018 
#21 started life as part of the original Santa Fe order of six F3 diesel sets, #16LABC thru #21LABC SETS. The first six unit sets did not have stainless sides and were painted silver (or was it aluminum?) as can be seen with a glance at the trailing units in the picture. These had the two rectangular, screened-over Dynamic Brake vents and the high cooling fan shrouds. They also were delivered without the stainless steel grills, instead with the original chicken wire over the openings; and with three portholes in the "A" units' sides. Standardization throughout their lives caused several more mods to make all of the 3 thru 7s to be essentially be "F7s".
Posted by David Stewart on October 12, 2018 
Al Wood, thanks for the notes there. I noticed several odd things on the first unit, keep in mind I wasn't born yet but I pay attention to this stuff, the F3 style dynamics are still on the second unit versus obviously a replaced hatch with a 36" fan on the first instead of the latter preferred 48"
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