Posted by Patrick McColgan on October 7, 2018 
Wow! The folks at the OERM really did an outstanding job on bringing this old girl back to her former glory! I still preferred the freight-style red lettering though. Can't wait to see it pulling trains again!
Posted by KWestRail on October 8, 2018 
This restoration has actually taken 6 years, but nonetheless worth the wait for such beauty. A member at the museum told me months ago as the 108 was nearing completion that the Museum has actually done a better paint job than the Santa Fe did back when they 1st had her.
Posted by xBNSFer on October 8, 2018 
Wow, that is a gorgeous - and authentic - restoration.
Posted by showalterbj on October 8, 2018 
I'm in love . . .
Posted by mamoved on October 9, 2018 
One of my favorites!
Posted by mamoved on October 9, 2018 
One of my favorites!
Posted by DieselDaze on October 9, 2018 
Forgive my ignorance, but why do the light shields on the two center cab lights (Between the number boards) appear to be mounted upside down?
Posted by BillMock on October 9, 2018 
I believe that the light shields are to prevent the headlight glare on the windshield.
Posted by xBNSFer on November 7, 2018 Light shields are mounted correctly, as can be seen in the linked photo from when these babies were new.
Posted by Nathan Richters on February 1, 2019 
This unit must surely be one of the best-restored second-gen diesels in the U.S.
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