Posted by Moss Miller on October 6, 2018 
Wow, just wow! PCA...
Posted by Joe Vittitoe on October 6, 2018 
Now that looks like a close encounter. Is that Richard Dreyfus?
Posted by Ringo Clark - on October 6, 2018 
Close Encounters of the GE Kind
Posted by John Higginson on October 7, 2018 
Well done art shot. Really conveys the impression of watching trains at night.
Posted by Jorge on October 7, 2018 
Almost surreal, a fantastic shot and composition!
Posted by Brandon Fiume on October 11, 2018 
Thank you so very much for all of your comments. I appreciate them.
Posted by Steve Larson on October 16, 2018 
One of the all-time BEST!
Posted by Ted Harrison on October 19, 2018 
Well executed shot!
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