Posted by J. Randall Banks on September 30, 2018 
I can attest to the fact that the Englewood Flyover was a necessity. I've ridden Amtrak from Michigan dozens of times, and we've waited for 15-10 minutes if not more. This is especially true during rush hours
Posted by Jim Penn on September 30, 2018 
Casey, Great photo and comments; thanks! I am glad to see some investment on improvement here- we need so much more and a total change of US mentality. In Europe or modern Asia, this is hardly anything to create as an improvement or design for rail transport - they are way, way ahead of us and we are still way, way behind.
Posted by Tom on October 1, 2018 
Most interesting photo, Casey. What is the red-orange area used for ??
Posted by Gene on October 1, 2018 
Future tracking? It does retain some water, before ballasting.
Posted by Joshua Clark on October 1, 2018 
AMAZING PHOTO!! That appears to be the westbound Lake Shore Limited passing underneath.
Posted by J. Randall Banks on October 2, 2018 
I do believe that the third space is for future expansion, and possibly for major maintenance if needed. Say one track needs to be fully redone, they can run a full track through that third bridge with little to no delays involved.
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