Posted by Don Schuetz on September 26, 2018 
Beautiful Job. One of your best Bill,IMO.
Posted by Robert Jordan on September 26, 2018 
Exceptional, everything you can want. Thanks from a Milwaukee guy.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on September 26, 2018 
Looks are deceiving. The locomotives, SD40-2's are superb and new. So what is wrong? Every car they are pulling is Milwaukee Road, no foreign railroads to pay per diem for. That means no traffic from off line. Not good. At least that is what it looks like. Perhaps someone with greater knowledge can chime in.
Posted by SES on September 26, 2018 
I was just a youngster of 8 years when the Milwaukee left the West. From what people tell me, an average of only 2 daily transcontinental trains moved over this portion of the line aside from local traffic. My family lived along the Chehalis sub and I recall seeing at least 3 Portland trains that connected with SP daily. There were at least 2 locals besides once or twice a week. The valiant effort referred to is the dedication employees had to move freight as best as possible considering poorly maintained equipment and trackage.
Posted by John Barnard on September 27, 2018 
Great picture, but also fine, interesting comments. Thanks to all of you.
Posted by Bill Edgar on September 27, 2018 
If MILW would have made it to the stack train era.... maybe a different ending.
Posted by Scott Cunningham on September 27, 2018 
Yes, can I chip in with the verdict from Scotland Bill. Absolutely superb period piece from, I regret to say, a time when I was unaware of such gems!
Posted by Jim Sinclair on October 1, 2018 
Bill, I must join in with the "choir" of singing praises for this wonderful and historic image that you have shared with us! While Montana was hardly in my "back yard" (I grew up in southeastern Michigan), I now regret that I didn't make an effort to see and photograph the Milwaukee Road's western lines before they vanished forever. But, thanks to people like you, I can enjoy views that I never saw or captured when I was young. I hope and trust you have more Milwaukee images you will share with us?
Posted by Marc on October 14, 2018 
Wow! Great shot. I saw that a lot of the main went rails to trails. Pretty sure I saw that bridge on it too. Very nice.
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