Posted by FSWood on September 26, 2018 
Got curious about station so plugged it in to Google. Has an interesting history according to info on Wikipedia article which appears well supported by documentation. That point struck me, and it has been seen that sports fans can be a force to be reckoned with, "Progress was delayed in the 1890s because of objections, particularly as the line would pass through Lord's, the principal cricket ground in London and home of Marylebone Cricket Club. Watkin promised that Lord's would not be disrupted by the railway construction, and an ... The approach to the station through Lord's was achieved by a cut-and-cover tunnel constructed between September 1896 and May 1897, avoiding the cancellation of any cricket.[13]."
Posted by Stu Levene on September 26, 2018 
Yes, that's true. I actually took part in a dimensional survey of that very tunnel a few years back on behalf of The American School in London who were planning basement works as the tunnel passes directly beneath them!
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