Posted by James R Doughty on August 31, 2018 
Nice photo Chase.
Posted by BUFFIE on August 31, 2018 
Cool shot!
Posted by Carl Massart on September 5, 2018 
Looks like everyone is trying to get their Raton Pass shots in before Amtrak totally screws the Chief up with a motorcoach bridge. What do expect when an airline exec. tries to run a railroad. IMO, He needs to be an Undercover Boss and ride all these trains as a staff attendant.
Posted by Alex Gillman on September 5, 2018 
Beautiful coloring on the code lines to the Well done, Chase!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 10, 2018 
Congratulations on yet another PC - that makes eight out of the last 13 you submitted! Nice shot!
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