Posted by SES on July 13, 2018 
Unfortunately, there are politicians and special interests who feel it is better to spend huge amounts of taxpayer money on converting these gems to trails rather than appreciate a nice little tourist attraction and an appreciation for history. I would say more but then this post might not make it to the comment thread.
Posted by Dana M. on July 14, 2018 
Sad to see politicians and special interest get their way over misspent money and lack of imagination. I hope the ITM was able to remove all the equipment and not leave any behind. Was any left behind? I hope not! I'm figuring that since the Sheriff had the authority to take over and sieze the property, I wonder how much money the City of Nobelsville will get for the scrap value of the rail on the property, and any equipment (sadly and unfortunately) left behind? Probably that scrap money the city will receive most likely may go into one or more council members bank accounts too! Not that I'm implying the City Council is corrupt, mind you - just my personal opinion that some members of government will do that, at the local and Federal levels. I had an opportunity to visit this museum back in the 1980's, and I enjoyed my visit. Too bad I wasn't able to get back there a few more times. I hope they find a new home that really appreciates them and has more mileage to operate their trains on!
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