Posted by Michael Tonne on June 13, 2018 
You can't fool with Mother Nature!
Posted by showalterbj on June 13, 2018 
Mike - you need to take one more picture after putting up a sign that says ROAD CLOSED . . . hee hee!
Posted by Sport! on June 13, 2018,+CO+Lionshead+Rock/@39.5833358,-106.4251558,260m/data=!3m1!1e3
Posted by Sport! on June 13, 2018 
That's one way to severe the line
Posted by cnw4007 on June 13, 2018 
A little dynamite and a cat and you can open err up right away. Ballast and panel track, tamper and she's good to go. Haven't given up on Tennessee Pass yet.
Posted by Doug Lilly on June 13, 2018 
Sorry to see the state of this line, and doubly sorry that I never shot it west of Salida.
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