Posted by CraigMWiester on June 3, 2018 
That's the most impressive entrance to any city in the country. Driving west on I-80, you can't miss it.
Posted by AZ Mike on June 3, 2018 
Impressive shot. Beautiful location along the Missouri River with the BNSF mainline at it's footsteps. Really cool videos on Youtube on how this park materialized.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on June 6, 2018 
Impressive ! Too bad they aren't under a canopy or roof to protect them a bit from the elements
Posted by Dana M. on January 18, 2019 
I had the pleasure of visiting this site/park in September, 2016. Awesome park and very informative displays about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad West from Omaha, NE. Also impressive information about Omaha, NE and what role it continues to play in the railroad world. I agree with Ringo Clark in that it's too bad these two units are not under some kind of roof to protect them from the weather and wear and tear that causes. Also, it's too bad that they are also exposed to disrespectful visitors who will actually climb on top of these with their girlfriends and make out while overlooking the Missouri River and Interstate 80 - and not care if other visitors are around and aware of their presence. When I visited in September, 2016 - there was a young couple on the nose of 6900 kissing and making out, and there was another person on the nose/pilot "porch" of 4023 enjoying a "picnic" of potato chips, candy bars, and cold soft drinks. (I still have the photographic proof) It is still an impressive park, and I wish I could get back out there again.
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