Posted by yippinyahoo on April 20, 2018 
Wow, and evidently reduced to 4 axles too.
Posted by J Moller on April 20, 2018 
It is surprising the unit would be transported with handrails missing (see at location of rear sand box or far end of the carbody). It also looks like a couple of axles and the dynamic brake girds have been salvaged.
Posted by Marc on April 20, 2018 
Let's hear it for the B's! I think the UP had a great idea in concept. The B's had to be 10 or 15 thousand less then one with a cab. I'm sure they pay some juice for how many locomotives you have as well. If someone tried it again today, with better equipment and all.. An SD140B? Two SD70's on the same frame. Just saying. Nice finale shot of a very tired B.
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