Posted by Peter G. Chase on March 28, 2018 
Was the extra coach for weight distribution, and were there passengers in there stranded from the rest of the train?
Posted by Miguel on March 28, 2018 
What would the weight distribution be for? Not sure I get that one.
Posted by claude Gareau on March 28, 2018 
I suggest the ''coach'' made the difference in moving locomotive#95 as a ''normal train'' (with an extra crew )operating at track speed from Albany-Rensaaler to wherever #514 was stranded, as opposed to a ''light engine move'' which would have operated at restricted speed.Just my opinion. Would make sense if #514 was disabled near RousesPoint or even in Canada...making this a pretty long ''tow job''. The extra crew in the coach could also have been a full one, as the current one on the train would have ''died on the hours''possibly before Montreal....or if still ''on the law''arriving in Montreal,would have been short on rest before the next day's southbound train
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