Posted by Sean Haley on February 24, 2018 
A very unique style of photograph for railpictures. I really like the textures in this one!
Posted by FSWood on February 25, 2018 
Hey Dirt, how are ya! My two orange fellows said to say hello for them.
Posted by Tom on February 25, 2018 
Great shot, Steve. Looks like "Dirt" has been "nosing" around the shop.
Posted by Sid Vaught on February 25, 2018 
Finally a railroad shot my wife likes! Me too.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on February 25, 2018 
Love it!
Posted by Tom Starr on February 25, 2018 
Is the cat's name NEVADA? Steve Crise, I Thank You for sharing your photo with us. It's much appreciated!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on February 25, 2018 
Wow - this is just fantastic! Well scene and well captured and certainly deserving of acceptance into the database of all things rail and railfaning. The shop cat - what shop is complete without one?
Posted by Jeff Sell on February 25, 2018 
Every organization needs a mascot! Love the dirty fur coat.
Posted by E.Glorg on February 25, 2018 
Sometimes it's really easier to catch fast train then clam cat that can jump away suddenly while adjusting camera. This is really wonderful shot, Steve!
Posted by Tom Nelligan on February 25, 2018 
I'm usually not a cat guy, but he has real personality. And roundhouse cats were an old railroad tradition to keep the mice at bay. I love this one!
Posted by Konrad Weiss on February 25, 2018 
Being a cat person and former cat employer I can truly enjoy this pic.
Posted by Kevin Madore on February 25, 2018 
This little guy is a survivor. I have photos of him from several years ago and he's always looked just like he does here. Stand proud, engine house kitty!
Posted by Randall on March 1, 2018 
That is one tuff looking cat. Think I'll keep my distance.
Posted by Steve Larson on March 7, 2018 
Posted by PIGZILLA on March 7, 2018 
That cat never takes no for anything.
Posted by G.F BOREA on May 29, 2018 
Missing engineer's cap and spectacles !
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