Posted by Kevin Madore on February 24, 2018 
Steve, I think if you could build one today for $404K, it would be one heck of a bargain!
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on February 25, 2018 
This. This is superb. Thanks for the great, creative idea, reminiscent of those 1930's shots of skyscraper ironworkers. Steve Crise, the mark of quality.
Posted by Steve Crise on February 25, 2018 
Thanks Dennis! Thatís exactly what I was thinking when I saw these guys up there. Thank you for your comment. Steve Crise
Posted by Mitch Goldman on February 25, 2018 
I could've sworn I typed "" - how did I end up on Shorpy? Great job, Steve!
Posted by Dale Roth on February 25, 2018 
These guys can join "Dirt"
Posted by Kelly Lynch on March 11, 2019 
How am I just now seeing this? Amazing.
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