Posted by John Doughty on January 12, 2018 
Very nice, PCA vote.
Posted by Scott Cunningham on January 12, 2018 
Beautifully done! Nice title for a Garth Brooks song too!
Posted by Kyle Yunker on January 12, 2018 
Fantastic shot, Jake! Great composition!
Posted by Chris Kilroy on January 12, 2018 
Posted by David Carballido-Jeans on January 12, 2018 
Nicely done, Jake! PCA vote from me!
Posted by Entre Durmientes (Mauro C.) on January 12, 2018 
Beautiful!, and light is fantastic, my PCA vote much deserved.
Posted by Marc on January 12, 2018 
Very nice. PCA stuff.
Posted by Alex Gillman on January 12, 2018 
Pure money! My top PCA vote!
Posted by Chicago Line Railfan on January 15, 2018 
Very, very cool.
Posted by John Hoertel on January 16, 2018 
Wow... excellent photo, Jake, thanks for sharing!
Posted by Steve Larson on January 18, 2018 
Most excellent, Jake. Thank you for sharing this amazing shot. PCA for me.
Posted by pekingduck on January 18, 2018 
I thought this was a model railroad layout photo at first!
Posted by Herb Brown Jr on January 22, 2018 
Excellent shot!
Posted by Steven M. Welch on January 22, 2018 
Solid. Congratulations on the PCA.
Posted by Bhupendra Mistry on January 27, 2018 
Great catch, very impressive , Thanks Jake.
Posted by Dave Blaze... on December 13, 2018 
Why have I not commented on this before? This is a stunning image Jake and one I can truly say I'd have been proud to have taken myself. About the best I've ever seen from Williams Loop!
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