Posted by Rich Brown on December 12, 2017 
That's a shame, as this was one of the most scenic and enjoyable parts of the ride. So much for EVER creating a stop at Steilacoom thus allowing a connection with the ferry.
Posted by Peter G. Chase on December 12, 2017 
Can a case be made for eventually using both routes? (Not from the area.)
Posted by DLHACE on December 12, 2017 
Washington DOT says that it can save you seven minutes time quicker, between Portland and Seattle. Using the I-5 parallelling tracks; will make the trek pretty boring. The amount of cost will never be truthfully disclosed. BNSF is going to fill the miles, of Puget Sound, shore running, with more trains, somehow, from Nisqually to Tacoma. I have rode this trip many times, and I know it will never be the same, until an excursion trip! Nisqually is where the Feb 28, 2001 earthquake was centered at. Now BNSF mainline, and I-5 rail corridor separate there. They combine back at Tacoma.
Posted by Steve Carter on December 12, 2017 
Not a chance. Mostly because there won't be a passenger station on the current line after the new line is opened to Cascades and the Starlight. Also, the agreement between WSDot/Amtrak and BNSF is: no trains on the Pt Defiance line (the one in this photo) and the Cascades get 4 extra trips (2 round trips a day).
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