Posted by FSWood on December 9, 2017 
Oh, gotta share this with the Google Plus gang, they will enjoy it.
Posted by Ed Mullan on December 9, 2017 
A Christmas card..lovely shot.
Posted by John West on December 10, 2017 
Really neat picture. About as "Christmas" as you can get with a train in the picture.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on December 11, 2017 
I think I have that one in S-scale running around my Christmas tree for my grandson
Posted by Kevin Madore on December 12, 2017 
I love the looks on the faces of the motorists at the grade crossings when they see this train. It is certainly a startling sight. Nice catch Nathan! Photographing a 4-4-0 like this in falling snow is truly a rare experience. Congrats on the Photo of the Week!
Posted by Steve Larson on December 13, 2017 
A train out of time. All the modern warnings & signs with a train from the 1860's. Pure delight, Nathan. PCA vote for me.
Posted by Mike Wilson on December 13, 2017 
If this doesn't scream Christmas in small town America then I don't know what does...
Posted by John Dziobko on December 14, 2017 
A real pleasure to look at this view.
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