Posted by beano on November 17, 2017 
I say I say I say what a great photo John. I could spend some time hanging out watching trains rolling and a dancing on down the line at that location. What a cool spot. Looks like a railfans paradise . Looks like a couple of dames are waiting to get board. Wonder what a ticket cost back then ? Thanks. Heck I'm a ready to get on..........wait.......hold on.............shucks I missed this one. I'm glad you caught it.
Posted by Ray Peacock on November 18, 2017 
Put a caboose on it and call it a mixed train! Though the RR had quietly de-named them, or gave them a non-Rocket moniker aka The Plainsman, the passenger trains on the Rock were Rockets in the public eyes to the very end. In subsequent photos John shot of this train as he rode it to Council Bluffs, you see many of the head end cars come off along the way. (See his shot of this same train at Council Bluffs). Weeks after this was shot, most of the mail came off all trains and the losses piled up.
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